During the past 200+ years,  Democrats and Republicans have been doing everything they can to destroy Michigan.
Their rhetoric states they are leaders of a “democracy”.
The word is important, because America is a “Republic”.
In a Republic, the people are in charge.  Not the politicians, public servants, or corporations, but We the People.
The politicians of today are “Usurpers”, because they have assumed powers that we did not delegate to them in the Constitution.  It is time to stop them.  I will stop them.

Issue 1   Smart Meters

It is our opinion that:  The hazards and surveillance from electronic meter installation is too great.  It is unauthorized, unconstitutional, and should be immediately stopped.  And all installed meters should be replaced by the original analog meters.

In 1900, Westinghouse developed the first version of an electromechanical meter that measured kilowatt hours.  That meter was used for the next 110 years.
In 2010, Smart Meters began to be installed, quietly.  Customers were unaware of the big changes to arrive shortly.
The first issue was higher bills.  It was an unapproved rate increase.
The second change was the biological effect of the electromagnetic fields generated by the meter.  Some customers did not notice the effect, but all customers were affected.  A few got sick.
The third issue is surveillance.  Appliance manufacturers have been adding microchips to make direct communication with the meters.  This would enable the utility to be aware of household activity, appliances in use at specific times, and more.
The continued installation must be stopped.​​​​

Issue 2    Stop Gerrymandering

Gerrymandering has been used by the 2 party system, Democrats and Republicans, to control the majority party's influence over  the minority party during elections by redistricting the State's Representative boundries.

This method of redistricting has been used to provide an unfair advantage between the parties and it eliminates a true voice of the people.

Issue 3    Eliminate the State Senate and institute a part-time legislature

Since the 1963 Michigan Constitution Michigan has become a bicameral state, 2 houses, Senate and Representative.  There are no specific constitutional duties for the Senate and therefore both the senate and representatives represent the people. 

The 2 houses are duplicating duties at a enormous expense to the Citizens of Michigan.

The representatives should be able to perform the duties of representing the Citizens on their own.

Michigan was once a unicameral State, representatives only. There has been no advantage since 1963 for a bicameral house of legislature other then enormous taxes and higher expendutures.  

A part-time legislature is adequate to carry on the day to day functions of government.

Issue 4    Reverse the teacher pension plan

This year the teacher pension plan was eliminated requiring the teacher to take a
401 k retirement plan. The reason the Legislature forced this action was because those in Lansing have spent the money ear marked for the teacher retirement system and/or refused to fund the retirement plan to the tune of 29 Billion dollars.

Issue 5    Return  control of Education back to the local communities.  Remove the
                    influence of the federal government and the state government
                    and end "common core"

"Common core" is not in the best interest of students. It removes from the classroom critical thinking of the students. 

The "common core"  agenda is to teach students a specific trade, making  them robots to a larger system of technocracy.  Children will lose their identity, become part of a worker class, to support the technocrats who will be incharge.  Students already are taught a revisionist history, to forget the past and the grand experiment of "liberty" which is the heritage of our country.  They are taught that they need to be concerned for the common good, saving the planet, use very little "precious" resources,  They are also taught that they are in fact "human resources".  

We the people must return to our heritage, the fact that this planet was created for us and that we are the center of the universe, and not some virus that is trying to destroy this planet.      

Return to traditional values, teach the United States Constitution, the Constitution of Michigan and what it means to live in a Republic(s)!

Issue 6     Require Lansing to live within its budget, Not with a flexible budget on the
                     backs of the Citizens of Michigan

This government in Lansing only knows 1 word, "MORE"- - more taxes, more, spending, more laws.  More fees for licenses, more property taxes, more income taxes.  SEE the Libertarian platform under taxes. 

We forget that the "public functionaries" in Lansing are "public servants".  How is it that the servants who work for you make more money in their salaries then you do?  Have better retirements then you do? Have better health care then you do?  Are exempt from laws that you are not? 

Issue 7     Constitutional Carry
As per the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution and the Michigan Constitution- - the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed!

Issue  8     Rebuild Infrastructure

Repair or replace roadways, repair or replace water delivery systems.

Issue  9     Clean up pollution

Return clean drinking water back to Michigan, stop toxic waste dumping from Canada, reduce dangers of wireless communications.

Issue  10    Auto insurance  

Eliminate no-fault and allow people to shop for auto insurance without mandating it.  Disconnect the auto insurance from the credit report, and residential location.

Issue  11   Stop forced compliance

GMO labeling, Vaccine choice

Issue 12   Require Lansing to live within its budget

Eliminate the State Income Tax, eliminate tax on retiree’s pensions, reduce property tax,
Eliminate the State Senate.  There are no constitutional duties for this body of government.  They do the same “job” as the Representatives; the citizens are getting double duty for double the pay.  Institute a part-time legislature.