John J Tatar

15467 Chelsea
Redford.  MI 48239

Born:  October 1948
Age:  68
Single (Divorced) 2 children.  Son, John, Major in the Air Force, an engineer in fiber optics and lasers, he is married with 2 daughters.  Daughter, Carrie, PhD in gross anatomy, teaching at a major university. 
Education: Graduated in 1970 from WSU with a BS in Education.
                     Graduated in 1984 from WSU with a MS in Education Administration
                     Graduated in 1978 from Officers Advanced College Medical Service USAR
                     Graduated in 1985 from Command and General College USAR
Work Experience: 1967-1970: Fairlane Electric Journeyman, Lathers Construction
                                   1971-1974: Ford Junior High teacher, English, industrial arts, home
                                   1974-1984: Livonia Career Center teacher home construction,
                                                      building trades, building maintenance.
                                   1984-Present: American Heritage Construction Owner. Built new
                                                       homes, remodeled homes, repair homes. Commercial
                                                       and institutional repairs and construction.
                                   1985-1991: Livonia Career Center, teacher, home construction,
                                                       building trades, building maintenance
                                   1991-1992: ACTIVATED USAR Desert Storm
                                   1992-1993: Emerson Junior High, Social Studies
                                   1993-2007:  Stevenson High School, industrial arts, drafting, 
                                                         woodshop, American history, government
                                    2007:           Retired from teaching.
Military Experience: 1971-2002:  Lieutenant Colonel, USAR, Medical Service, Retired
                                   Corp. Various duties: commander of a medical detachment,       
                                   instructor for advanced medical officers, instructor for the
                                   Command and General Staff College, XO of Medical Battalion, XO
                                   Medical Brigade, XO New Organizational Training Branch, rifle
                                   competitor for the 4th Army team. Received Army Commendation  
                                   Medal with cluster, army Achievement Medal with cluster, Silver
                                   Distinguished Rifleman award, Bronze Distinguished Pistol
                                   Award etc.
Political Experience: 1980- present active in the Libertarian Party, ran for State