We want to return our state to a Constitutional Republic
In a Republic, the people (you) are in charge.

Government employees, including the Governor,                 
are just servants, who work for you.

I want to be one of those servants.
I want to be your Governor.
I am a "de jure" gubernatorial candidate.  
That means, I follow the United States Constitution                               and  the Constitution of Michigan.

All of my actions will be "de jure",
within the limited powers delegated to the government.
               I am not a Republican
               I am not a Democrat
               I am an American
              And I want my Country back!

​​As your Governor,

I will stop usurped authority, wherever I find it.

​​Ben Franklin said:
We have given you a Republic,  if  you  can  keep  it.

Today, the government in Washington D.C.
and in most states, is not acting "de jure".

The public functionaries have "usurped"
authority, not delegated by the people.