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  We want to return our state to a Constitutional Republic
In a Republic, the people ( you) are in charge.
And government employees, including the Governor,
are just servants, who work for you.

I want to be one of those servants.
I want to be your Governor.

              I am a " de jure" gubernatorial candidate.  

That means, I follow the United States Constitution and
                                     the Constitution of Michigan.

All of my actions will be "de jure",
                       within the limited powers

                    delegated to the government.

                         I am not a Republican

                         I am not a Democrat

                         I am an American

                 and I want my country back  
As your Governor

                    I will stop usurped authority, wherever I find it .

Ben Franklin said:

We have given you a Republic,   if   you   can   keep   it.

Today, the government in Washington D.C.

and in most states, is not acting "de jure".

The public functionaries have "usurped"

authority, not delegated by the people.
​​As your Governor

                    I will stop usurped authority, wherever I find it.
For Example:  "Smart Meters"

It is our opinion that:  The hazards and surveillance from electronic meter installation is

too great, is unauthorized and unconstitutional and should be immediately  stopped and that all installed meters should be replaced by the original analog meters.

In 1900, Westinghouse developed the first version of an electromechanical meter that measured kilowatt hours.  That meter was used for the next 110 years.

In 2010, Smart Meters began to be installed, quietly .  Customers were unaware of the big changes to arrive shortly.

The first issue, was higher bills.  It amounted to an unapproved rate increase.

The second change was the biological effect of the electromagnetic fields generated by the meter.  Some customers did not notice the effect, but all customers were affected.  A few got sick.

The third issue is surveillance.  Appliance manufacturers have been adding microchips to enable direct communication with the meters.  This would enable the utility to be aware of household activity, appliances in use at specific times, and more.

The continued installation must be stopped.

You can to contribute to our campaign,
                by sending a check or Money Order directly to
                                                Candidate John Tatar
                                                                   15467 Chelsea
                                                                   Redford, MI 48239

You can learn more about issues at
Both political parties are out of control. They are out to destroy the liberty of the people and destroy the Republic . Neither party follows the US Constitution or the Constitution of Michigan. Oath of Office is a joke among the "public functionaries" Praying upon the uninformed.
               IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE!
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"The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first."  Thomas Jefferson

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